Saturday, December 1, 2007

Back to Reality

After 48 hours of earned relaxation, its time to shift gears into working mode. Tomorrow is my first day at the office and I feel that my thoughts are still floating around more riding. It will be difficult in the coming days to adapt to the containment of the 4 walls of my meeting room and office after spending 21 days roaming freely. As always all good thing must come to an end and so will this Blog with this closing post. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all my readers, who followed us over the course of this trip and in specific my wife and lovely children for supporting me on this trip, I hope you enjoyed this adventure.

Live your Dream and Ride on!

Hellraiser Signing off--------


Jewaira said...

Well done

Anonymous said...

hey! what a great journey. i'm planning a trip myself from zurich around the black sea baku/tehran/baghdad/ammann/damascus/aleppo/istanbul etc.
Have you ever had any problems finding unleaded fuel 95? I'm driving a R1200GS. Do you know of any BMW Motorbike Service Stations? Heard there is one in Tehran? Any more? (