Friday, October 12, 2007

Beemer Modifications

Enhancements: In my previous post (Butt Blues) I Covered the comfort related issues of the Beemer, which need to be adddresed for the long haul and the sake of my physical well beeing. After 2 days of intensive R&D I came up with the below combination of Items, that should eliminate most of discomfort challenges. Total Price: $452


The Beemer suffers from low aerodynamics, too much turbulence and buffeting around the helmet, I purchased this Windshield from - Ztechnik for BMW R1150GS It is 100% larger and 7 inches taller than the standard screen Price $149


:Rox Risers 2" Rise x 7/8" Stem Clamp x 7/8" Handlebar Dual Sport Motorcycle Pivoting Risers. I bought this item as my riding posture on the Beemer might put me in contention with Quasimodo Price $75

Alaskan Butt Pad, I bought this item to relief the pain associated with Butt Overheating and numbness its made of Sheepskin which is a natural product that works like magic. Often used in medical applications to prevent bedsores, it keeps your "buttbones" from burning and is cool in the summer, warm in cold weather, reduces sweating, and keeps the bitch factor down. Price: $65


I bought this Gizmo as my right hand joint was emitting pain, which I am not willing to entertain on the trip.

Benefits of Using the CrampBuster
Full throttle control with a relaxed hand
Reduces hand fatigue and cramping
Comfortably fits your hand
Easier throttle operation
Eliminates throttle "creep"
Doesn't lock throttle on
Price: $5

Much needed storage as the original side bags are 30 liters. DELUXE EXTRA LARGE (45 Liters) Motorcycle LUGGAGE TRUNK TOP CASE Price $130
Turn Signal Clear Lens Kit
Price: $28

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