Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Do I really wanna do this??

I am toying with the idea of taking my laptop with me on the trip. Although as I mentioned earlier, I like to be stripped from technological gizmos on an adventure. Call me old fashioned but I like it better this way. Now about my laptop, the company is in process of issuing me an eGo, Hint! Hint! 21 days on the road no access to email, 3 projects on the back burner and some pending issues, believe me I do have a work conscience, also I do have a family sitting home and looking forward to hear of my news. OK, I can always SMS them, on the other it's neater to chat with them. Hmmm, I guess I gotta think it over... or???

Updated November 3rd 2007: I just got off the phone with Zain helpdesk, to disocver that eGO works only Jordan and is not supported in either Lebanon or Syria. The communicated charges were as follows, local call +15%.

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Unknown said...

Dude! e-Go is a no-Go. Although it has been marketed good, you can only get one if you subscribe for a full year. I wanted to test it for a month, but this was not an option on the salesman's desk. Anyone out there who has tested it? Can you say anything good about it?