Friday, October 12, 2007

Butt Blues

P3101889 I am not a new comer to dual purpose bike, having owned 9 or more different models, ranging from 125cc Yamaha to XLV1000 Honda Varadero, one common feature they shared is a painful butt ache. On Thursday evening, I wanted to put the Beemer through some rigorous testing, fuel consumption, riding posture, performance, cornering, aerodynamics etc...

I headed with the gang to Cafe 26, 1 KM from Nuweisib the Saudi Arabian Border. The Beemer was a dream ship summarized as follows

Maneuverability: Impeccable handling the Beemer is a point & steer bike, easy to corner, flickability is great.

Brakes: 5 Stars compared to the Harley, the ABS tested on water, did the job perfectly. I hosed down the street near my house to run this test. (Tarsheed will be pissed off).

Stability: 185 KPH straight line no wobble, cruising speed at 150KPH is sustainable all day.

Consumption: The Beemer is thirsty at high speed and that was expected averaging 12.5km/l on a variable speed of 150-180kph. The bike should average 15-17 km/l at 120kph.

Comfort: Aooch, major enhancements are in the works to fix this issue, from the seat, to the riding position, to the fairing bubble upto the throttle (got cramps in my forearm), I guess German butts are made of steel I will keep you posted on the enhancements.

Value for Money: I got to give the Beemer a 4/5, loosing a point for comfort.

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