Friday, October 12, 2007

Kuwait to Beirut

Now that the Harley pet project is out of the way, the second challenge is around the corner. Don''t be fooled by the title, anyone can jump on a plane and head to Beirut. However not many are gonna jump on a bike and cover a 6000km journey, through Saudi, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. For this challenge I had to choose the right vehicle, my harley is out of contention, although its a touring equipped with saddlebags, it is not designed for twisties and bad road conditions. My choice fell on the venerable BMW R1150GS - 2001. I have already owned the 2006 BMW R1200 Adventure, I loved the engine, unfortunately my butt was not compatible with the seat, which left me in a love and hate dilema. I will start posting about the preparation for this trip in my coming blogs.

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