Wednesday, October 24, 2007

KT Time

Its time to fill out my International Bike Certificate (Triptyque), better know as KT, which will enable me to take the bike into countries such as jordan - Syria & Lebanon. which is required for bikes imported for personal use and for a duration not exceeding three months. Otherwise, a guarantor, or a guarantee of an amount twofold the customs charges due, must be secured.

The Kuwait Automobile and Touring Club (The KT Club) provides valuable service to residents and expatriates alike. These include travel documents such as carnets de passage, international certificates of registration and driving permits.


Unknown said...

Yeah, but don't try to KT your new automobile, even if you have a legitimate document stating that you can travel with the car. You'll need a guarantor, dude!

Hellraiser said...

Yeah i figured this one out.