Saturday, November 3, 2007

Are you Nuts?

nuts A common question when other people do something out of the ordinary. Ever since I started preparing for this trip, friends, neighbors and colleagues, mouth the same words, you guys must be nuts!, or how do you find time for this?. My answer to both questions, is always as simple as follows. In regards to Time its a luxury that we don't have, however we do have the ability to manage it. There is a time to play, work, explore and this boils down to the individual ability to manage his time. I often hear people say, I have to do this or that, or I just don't have the time? Ask yourself do you really have to, or do you have a choice, can you really make the time for doing something you really want to rather than have to. On the second subject, we all have a touch of nuttiness, that's the beauty of man kind, yeah I can already see the sceptics reading this and frowning! If living your dream is considered insanity, then I am guilty, if taking chances is considered insane, than I am guilty to be alive. The day will come when you are 70 years old and look back at your uneventful life and have nothing interesting to tell your grand children cause you played it safe and you forgot to live. Hell yeah I am nuts and i am proud of it!!!

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