Monday, November 5, 2007

The Final Curtain T-5


Today was the last day of major modifications on the Beemer, what remains are small bits and pieces that will take few minutes to install or modify, nothing really major just pure comfort tweaks. Here is the list of the things I should have done and accomplished.

1) Mount top box with necessary LED wiring (Done)
2) Buy CB Antenna from Radio Shack (Done)
3) Wiring Harness for CB (Done)
4) Tire Puncture Kit (Done)
5) Manual Air Pump (Done)
6) One Quart of Oil (Not needed)
7) Tighten Bolts (Done)
8) Manufacture & Install Footpeg Lowering Kit (in progress)
9) Install Highway Pegs (Done)
10) Install Risers (Done)
11) Install Butt Pad (Done)
12) Install Taller Shield (Done)
13) Install Fog Lights (Done)
14) Install CB (Done)
15) Acquire KT (Done)
16) Acquire Third party coverage (Done)
17) Design Backpack with Back rest (In progress)

That's a wrap up on the bike preparation, with 5 days left till Friday the 9th, the only thing I need to worry about now is organizing my wardrobe & papers.

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