Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 5 - What a Day!!!

It's one of these days that you feel you can't articulate your emotions, we started off the day by heading north to wards Lathikia, we swerved off to Al Matlaa tower. The view was breath taking we had our morning coffee there and leaped towards Salah El Din Castle, the road was unbelievable. We were presented with the most interesting S-Cuves, Hair Pins, and twisties served over 90km, it was simply amazing. The road took us down to Hama where we had dinner overlooking the the water mills. Overall we covered 420km the only thing I can say is simply what a day.!

al amrqabView from al Marqabsalh1Salah El Din Castle
sah el dib Salah El Din Castleal amrqab1Al Marqab Catle
hamaHamaP1011994Group Photo
view wow

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