Monday, November 5, 2007

Haute Couture (Souk El Silah)

I wanted to design backrest for the Beemer, in order to relief the back stress on the long haul. It was either go with a manufacturing process, which consists of welding and cutting, or with good old ingenuity courtesy of my buddy Abdullah. His ingenuity paid off after I have seen and tested his setup on his R1200GS, I scrambled to the old souk to design my Backrest. Process is fairly simple this backpack will be mounted on the pillion seat, it has 30cmX30cm injected sponge with 50mm thickness pad from Al Baghli retrofitted with a custom cover, the pad is attached to the backpack via quick release latches. I have also designed a water proof cover to isolate the bag from the elements, the bag can be used as a backpack and a comfy backrest in a matter of seconds. I also got myself an inner bag from my rear trunk to ease packing and unpacking.

Total Cost

  • Backpack: 6KD
  • Sponge: 500 Fils
  • Backrest cover : 2.5 KD
  • Rain Cover: 2KD
  • Rear Inner Bag: 5KD

Total: 16KD

backpack UprightpadHorizontal
cover Coveredinner Inner trunk

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