Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dude where is my trunk?


I am officially ticked off with Aramex & the Customs department. My package is in Kuwait, that's the good news! The bad news its stuck at customs?. I want someone to explain to me what does it mean stuck at customs? Is it, I am having Tea don't disturb me? or its Thursday we'll finish it Sunday, while the customer is fuming due to deadlines to finish preparing for a trip. Now I am not complaining here, but can you imagine someone on a life support system with a faulty part, that was ordered express and the message he gets is sorry mate, its not your lucky day today, your part is stuck at customs!

Update 12:32: I called Aramex it seems that all shipments are still stuck at the custom department and there no deadline on when they will clear.

New Update 14:05: Customs has decided not to release any of the packages, today as a new law has been passed to tax all goods by 5% shipped to Kuwait. It keeps getting better!!

Yet Another Update 17:15: Shipment might be released on Saturday, I hope this sticks, I really need to get my bike sorted out before the 9th and the clock is ticking...

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Man You did a very nice job, by documenting this trip in this innovative way.. Best Regards,