Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 10 - Tripoli -Lost & Bruised!!

Midway in our vacation and only 11 days left, we are racing against the clock to cover Lebanon, today we started off with a typical Lebanese Sunday Breakfast, by heading to Tripoli to non other than the famous Al-Hallab. The guys were ecstatic to try out the Lebanese Knefeh at the sweet palace. After breakfast we headed up to Sir El Dinneyeh, our destination is Al Hermel, after that to Al Derdara Waterfalls and back to Beirut via Baalbeck, I have done this trip about 3 times 10 years ago, but to my luck everything went haywire today, we got the wrong direction and ended up on an unpaved road, the Goldwings were loosing traction and struggling to move up the steep hills and to top it all, I parked my bike over loose dirt which made me loose my balance and hit the ground. After a couple of laughs we decided to cancel the Hermel trip, as we lost over 2 hours on this road to nowhere. On our way down to Tripoli, we managed yet again to loose our way, however we were surprisingly presented with some interesting scenery and a dam that I never heard off called Oyoun Al Samak together with a man made castle that goes by the name of House of Dreams located in the middle of nowhere. As I am writing this blog I can feel the aftershocks of my fall, sore muscles and shoulders.

hallab1 hallab
P1012124 P1012139
P1012132 P1012141
P1012178 castle

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