Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 4 - Damascus - Palmyra

10112007222 This is one of the better roads we have driven on in Syria, our destination is Palmyra or Tadmur in Arabic, an oasis situated 250km from Damascus where the Queen Zenobia reigned on of the most prestigious

12112007263 trading centers on the Silk Road. We left Damascus at 15:30 the road for the first 20 km was torturous, with trucks and buses racing at 150km/h. The road cleared and we were able to cruise along at a pace of 140km/h to our destination, unfortunately we could not enjoy the majestic scenery of the surrounding as dusk settled set in at 17:30. We arrived to Palmyra at 20:00. We headed straight to Hotel Zanobia and we were greeted by the manager. I will have a complete entry on Tadmur in another post.

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