Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Taranalex the Children's Road

We met Alex Wettstein in Aqaba on his BMW GS1200 Adventure, we invited him to tag along with us to Wadi Rum and listened to his story. Alex a 40 years old of Swiss origin has started off his carrier as a nurse in his home town Geneva. 3 years ago he went to Indonesia with his girlfriend and saw the devastation of the Tsunami. As a professional photographer he shot pictures depicting the impact of the Tsunami on the inhabitants, focusing in specific on the children. Upon returning to Geneva he held an exhibition and the pictures were sold, all proceedings were used to buy basic school papers, pens and other needed material for the children. Since then, he managed to publish 2 books to help the plight of children in the Middles-East & Asia and established Taranalex an Association to help children in Asia . Alex dedicated his time to support the lesser fortunate children, he got sponsorship from BMW and other local companies to support him with his new initiative. His journey started from Geneva on September 2007 and he has managed to cover 9000km, passing through Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Monte Negro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordan, he will be continuing to Egypt, Sudan, Oman, Iran and final destination India. Alex book is titled Dari-Mana? meaning Where do you come from? and can be purchased online from his website www.taranalex.com, we wish Alex a safe journey and best of luck in achieving his objective, the world is in need for the likes of Alex.

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