Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 2 - Ar'ar to Damascus via Jordan

Second leg of the trip, we have covered today 745km, starting off from Ar'ar at 5:30am, the temperature was 9 degrees Celsius, after 100km of driving I had to stop to change my gloves as I was freezing to the bones, although the Beemer is equipped with heated grips this did not help the situation. The road to Jordan was uneventful, we were just racking up miles and consuming food and petrol.

We cleared Jordanian customs around 16:00 and pushed towards Syria, a 125km drive on a really badly paved road. The customs procedure took us 90 minutes. I had to get a visa for 28$, pay road tax, 500 Syrian pounds, and fill out tons of papers. feels like going through an exam.

Another 170km were needed to get us to Damascus, and the night chill has settled, our body was worn, we hit Damascus 20:00 local time.

Boy Do I look Happy!!!

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