Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 12 - Break for me - Baalbeck for the rest

P1012171 I have been longing to have a day off from riding. During the last 11 days we have covered over 3900km and the weather lately has been rainy and gloomy. Some of the guys decided to go to Baalbeck for site seeing, I opted to stay behind with Abdullah while 3 of the gang chilled at the Hotel. I started the morning on the wrong foot by getting a

5:00 am wake up call by mistake.
7:00am went to the lab and got some blood taken to test my levels of Trygliceride & Cholesterole, the result were within the limits, probably too much sweets and Mashawi.
10:00am Went to nearby car electrician to fix my fog light and my headset.
11:00am Went to ABC Mall, managed to loose 50$ after withdrawing them from the ATM
13:00 Went for a Lahm B3ajeen at my favorite shop.
13:30 Went to the Harley Davidson Dealer
15:00 Went to visit a buddy of mine
16:00 Went to the Barber to trim my Beard
16:20 Stop at Scholl to fix a toe nail
16:30 Went to visit my aunt
18:00 Back to the Hotel
18:30 Fixed the Highway pegs on the Beemer
20:00 Light Dinner
21:00 See my Brothers
22:30 Pack my Stuff

And I call this a day off?

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