Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 9 -Mount Sannine

Our Destination for this day is Mount Sannine, Since the dawn of times, the region surrounding the SANNINE source, Kanat Bakiche, known in antiquity as the Roman god Bacchus canal, the quality and abundance of its waters. In ancient times, historians related that Roman consuls used to enjoy thermal cures in these high locations. This happens to be also my dad's favorite summer retreat in the 70's prior to the break out of the civil war. Unfortunately today Sannine is a Ghost Town, robbed of its glory days by nearby villages like Kanat Bakiche and Fakra which provides superior activities and accommodations.

sannine sannine1
sannine5 sannine4
thabet abul jabeen
صورة ضباب shuw

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