Monday, November 19, 2007

Pack of Wolves

You might be asking yourself by now, how is it like to travel with 11 other guys for 21 days. Well to tell you the truth it ain't easy. There is too much machismo too deal with, too many opinions and add to that different riding styles, you have a recipe for disaster. Having said that, the trip is going great we have been enjoying ourselves thoroughly for the exception of the commotion we manage to create around us.

CIMG4133 The Pump TrafficCIMG4174 The assembly commotion
CIMG4187 The group picture logisticsCIMG4198 Sightseeing Traffic management
CIMG4204 Overtaking MayhemCIMG4203 Picture shooting


Dr.Abdullah said...

Nice trip , wishing u all the best and to complete ur trip without any problem or injuries

Salam to all and special regard to abo faisal "khalid" tell hem Dr.
from Alexandria

This Lady said...

Pack of wolves huh? Ladies should be careful!

Hellraiser said...

I guess we are more or less a pack of lambs after 10 hours of daily riding.